I'm Saphron.

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I'm a lifestyle & interiors blogger (and aspiring Stylist & Designer) from London.

A little bit about me...

I discovered my passions at a very young age and spent the first decade of my life trying to figure out how to explore them. 

I knew my love for design and interiors would be a long term thing when I realised I preferred to shop for homewares than shoes, and then discovered I had an eye for visual aesthetics. 

Since then, I've been actively trying to create and expand my knowledge, experience and portfolio to dive deeper into the world of design and the creativity that comes along with it, such as DIY. I am also in the process of studying to become qualified in the interiors industry and always looking for the opportunity to assist on creative projects that suit my style; which I can only describe as edgy, bold, glam. 

I am a keen organiser, prioritiser and GIRL BOSS(ER)... (I don't know, I need the er on the end to make it ring). That's where my impending productivity series aspires from and I am still learning new ways to make my everyday life extraordinary. 

I'm a massive foodie, fashion & beauty junkie and a self-love promoter, but you'll no doubt learn all about that by having a nosey around. 

little learns

I have an unhealthy addiction for reality TV; TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, The Kardashians, Real Housewives; you name it, I love it.

LOVES animals, gingerbread lattes and lipstick. A law of attraction believer and self proclaimed moon girl!

Thanks for visiting my little hangout.
S x