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Can you believe we are mid-October already? I am so done with the way time seems to be running away with me at the moment, although I have been enjoying some well needed “me time” away from work and have been living it up;Ja Rule style… (or probably not actually).

I wanted to come and talk to you about something slightly different than my usual interiors posts today, because as you know, I’m also an advocate for inspired, healthy living. So I’m telling you all about an online course I’ve taken about how to break bad eating habits. The course was put together by the lovely Lamorna, who is a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, and was designed for anyone looking to make some changes to their eating habits or lose weight. I happen to fall into both of those categories so I was really excited when she asked if I’d like to take the course.

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If you’ve followed my social media or blog posts about me trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll have probably noticed that I am generally a healthy lifestyle “yo-yo’er”. It’s as if I’m following the 5:2 diet, but on the 2 days off I’m out here consuming all types of food, with several gins, proseccos or vodkas included. I’m the kind of person who, in the mind, really wants to be this go getting, fit as hell, health god; but at the same time wants to have a champagne breakfast everyday and possibly fried chicken for the rest of my life. Obviously, this isn’t a healthy way to live at all, and given that I’ve just turned 28 I really do feel like now is the time where I need to COMMIT to my health; especially when I’m realistically tryna be the hottest granny in town when I hit my 60’s.

So, to give you a little insight into the course and what it’s about, I thought I’d summarise the modules, what I’ve learned from taking the course, and everything you need to know to decide if you might want to take the course too.


Course overview

Alongside a variety of other courses launched by Lamorna, the Breaking Bad Eating Habits course helps you break down the science behind your own triggers of bad eating habits, helps you to feel accountable about them without guilt or shame and then gets you on your way to replacing them with new, healthier habits.

What exactly is included in the course?

The course consists of 11 online modules, and is a combination of video classes, worksheets, and quizzes. Here’s a breakdown of the modules:


Are you right for the course?

I’m going to get into my own thoughts and experience about the course in a little while, but before I do that, I wanted to touch on my own opinion of who I think the course is for…

Note: I’m not going to go into too much detail on everything, since I want to give those who might be interested in taking the course a chance to experience it for themselves…


When I first heard about the Nutrition for Life course, I was really interested in actually learning about different techniques to break all the bad habits I’ve picked up around eating, but what I didn’t realise was that I really needed to take a closer look at the habits themselves and how they’d come to form a place in my life in the first place.

One of the things I liked about the course was that it has helped me to recognise my own behaviour towards eating and my triggers for mindless or emotional eating, and has also equipped me with some good tips on breaking the cycle, such as keeping a food mood diary (which is a tool for tracking the types of food you eat and how you feel).

The mindful eating module was a real eye opened for me because it was all about being more mindful of how and what I’m eating. So for example, Lamorna used an example about automation and that when you are driving and need to turn left onto a new road, you automatically indicate because it becomes instinct (automated). This can also be true of eating, because when you’re hungry, you will eat. However, becoming more aware and conscious of food and eating means that you’re more likely to make healthier decisions, and not just that, but also to take your time when eating (as opposed to shovelling 12 oreos into your mouth and looking at yourself in the mirror with disgust- not that this is me or anything).

What was also refreshing to see was that the art of planning things was being reinforced throughout the course. Being a planner princess myself, I always see the benefits of what planning in advance can do for a person and their life and this isn’t even just in relation to food. But for the sake of relevance, I’ve been reminded that planning meals in advance really is a life saver when you live a busy “on the go” kind of lifestyle. There are days that I get to work and end up in the canteen because I failed to prepare my breakfast the night before, and then again at lunchtime because I didn’t bring any with me. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the end of the world that I decided to have an egg & avo toastie for breakfast and then a japanese curry for lunch, but by meal prepping in advance I would’ve saved myself the time and money…and this is exactly how new habits are formed! By doing…over and over again…

Note: I still walk up and down every aisle at the supermarket…even if I have my shopping list. Lol- another bad habit that probably needs to break.

BBEH Snapshot

A snapshot of some of the worksheets you can expect from the Nutrition for Life course.

When I got to the module on habits, I was quite keen to explore my own behaviour and reasons for certain habits forming in my life. Lamorna takes you through the anatomy of habits and reminds us that the frequency of any action is the force that kicks the action into a habit. So basically, doing something over and over again will soon make it routine (like brushing your teeth or making a drink when you’re thirsty). We also discussed the principles of the “Habit loop” which was pretty impactful for me- this was my favourite module of the entire course.

What I’ve learned about myself

Some people have a pretty healthy relationship with food and fitness in general, but mine has always been out of sync. Like I said, I’ll have a light day of soups and salads on a Monday and then have a full English for breakfast, steak and dessert for 2 on a Tuesday. The course has definitely helped me to think more about the balance between having the odd treat as a reward for leading a healthy lifestyle, rather than eating like trash pretty much most of the time.

A useful exercise was actually looking at my own personal triggers for eating like crap, which are usually because I feel unwell or down, or because I’m overly happy and get carried away in the moment, or because I’m bored. This all counts as emotional or mindless eating and there’s really no excuse for it other than being greedy as hell or not giving enough thought or planning to things- which is something I’m actively changing.

By the way, some of the recipes that were provided sound absolutely delicious. You probably know by now that one of my favourite breakfasts in the morning is Overnight Oats. I actually got my recipe from my nan who was doing Slimming World at the time, and I’ve used it ever since. It tastes bloody amazing and is so filling! But having said that, I am looking forward to trying Lamorna’s suggestion of a Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats jar…sounds YUM!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering whether I liked the course enough to recommend it? Here’s a summary of my pros & cons about the course…

My rating: 5/10

If you want to take the course you can sign up here. In total transparency, I do receive 50% on all sales made via my referral link so if you do wish to sign up, you’re also helping ya girl get paid.

Anyway, if you’re like me, you’ll have needed the breakdown of how certain things will benefit you before you commit to spending your money on it; whether that’s a product or a service. I mean, we work hard for our money so why the hell should we be squandering it on something of poor value? For me, sometimes things are more about the effect that they can have on my life, rather than how much it actually costs. For example, I could buy a new pair of shoes for £100 and look bomb when I hit these streets, but what value do they really bring to my life? Give me a good book however, and the value becomes more than just a visual fancy… because the effect of reading that book could literally be life or mind changing.

What I’m getting at is that sometimes I (and maybe you can relate) spend money on silly little frivolous things, but then question myself when I start thinking about spending a lot of money on something that will actually add something to my life. It could be a new course, it could be a ticket to an event that is going to train me on a piece of software…anything! So if you really want something, you do need to take that step towards investing in it…and without feeling guilty too!

Obvs if you have any questions about the course from someone who has taken it, you can drop me a comment below or send me a message here. Lamorna also offers 1:1 coaching, which in my opinion is always a great shout because support is then personalised to you and your goals and ambitions.

But, here’s to a healthier habitted us. (I appreciate that is not a word, but it is now).

Have a great week.