I've been playing around with the colour scheme in my bedroom for a while now, and up to now I haven't been able to find the perfect accent colours to complement the current glam, silver theme I have going on, and give me the the feels I've been looking for in the bedroom at the same time.

 I've finally found the feature colours I've been looking for, and I now realise that it was the same colour combo that I'd given thought to initially!

Grey and Yellow Decor

So the prime colour in my bedroom is a mix between silver and grey; that is, metallic silver wallpaper and grey gloss furniture. Though there is contrast between the shades, having too much of one colour in a space just doesn't excite me and actually does nothing to bring out my inner creative lil mama. Instead, I realised that I wanted to add colour and texture to my bedroom, in a way that will bring a sense of serenity, but also elegant cozyness... which is a pretty weird way to describe a space but hey, the heart wants what it wants and I'm sure you're all well aware by now that I ALWAYS DO WHAT I WANT (rebel). 

Here's a look at what my bedroom looked like before I started working in my new scheme...

Still one of my favourite duvet cover sets ( Charm Floral Teal Reversible Duvet Cover ) from Dunelm.

Still one of my favourite duvet cover sets (Charm Floral Teal Reversible Duvet Cover) from Dunelm.

The bed in the pics above was a recent upgrade, and this pretty, cool, suede, goddess of a double bed is all I need in life! (you can read about that here)... and as a bedding-obsessed person I knew that this was the area that I wanted to be the focal point of the room. By bedding obsessed, I mean that I am literally somewhere between having 3 types of the same bedding, about 10 different different cover sets  and I buy new ones atleast once month. Unfortunately, most of my other sets now fall outside of the colour scheme I'm running with, so unless I am having a bad sheet day (or unless they are great quality or were super expensive), I've thrown most of the others was heartbreaking.

As you can see, I'd recently played around with adding teal into the bedroom as one of my accent colours, but the initial excitement for this soon wore off and whilst I really do love the colour. it really just didn't have the energy that I was trying to bring into my calm space; I realised that this was actually someone elses dream, not mine. I'll just add a quick disclaimer here, because it is very easy to get thrown off your decor choices when you come across such amazing inspiration on places like Pinterest. I kid you not, I could go on Pinterest after having decorated a space and convince myself that I need to start over...BUT, (and there is always a but), once you've established a killer combo of colours that you really love, this doesn't happen as often.

And then I realised that what I was actually looking for I had already explored previously. Grey and yellow have always been a power duo and I've come across endless pictures of beautifully decorated living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms using this duo. I feel like I had a light bulb moment of a light bulb moment...but I guess a Deja Vu will suffice. 



Like many people, I like to choose colours for my space that not only reflect my personality, but those that contribute to the overall vibe in the room and the way it makes me feel when I enter and remain in it. That is probably why I was so drawn to the colour yellow; because here is what they say about it (and is also a reflection of how it makes me feel).

Some of the many positive aspects of the colour yellow, which sing true to me.

Some of the many positive aspects of the colour yellow, which sing true to me.

On top of yellow tones, I also decided that black would be an additional feature colour in the bedroom, but on a much smaller scale. You'll notice that I have yet to build this into the overall decor in the room as I haven't managed to source the right pieces yet, but as soon as I do I will update you (with pics obvs) on how it all comes together. But for now, here is what my new grey, yellow and a dash of black colour scheme is looking like.

Bringing a little sunshine to my bedroom with this  Hello Sunshine pillow  from Dunelm (£9). 

Bringing a little sunshine to my bedroom with this Hello Sunshine pillow from Dunelm (£9). 

The bedding is also from Dunelm and has really brought this whole look together.

The bedding is also from Dunelm and has really brought this whole look together.

This gorgeous  Elements Sunflower Yellow Bed Linen Collection  is currently on offer in Dunelm and is priced between £9.60-£22.40. 

This gorgeous Elements Sunflower Yellow Bed Linen Collection is currently on offer in Dunelm and is priced between £9.60-£22.40. 

You may have noticed that I've also added some string lights to the bed, and not the usual type. I came across Cottonball lights on instagram and knew instantly that I needed to have some for the bed. I am a fan of feature lighting because I love the various moods you can create with them and sometimes you just want to be in a cozy haven rather than squinting because the lights are too bright at night time for example.  

These cuties cost me £32 and when I initially started to decide on the colour combination of the lights, the team were soooo helpful in helping me choose. I am so grateful to them and doesn't it make such a difference when a brand goes the extra mile for you?! Anyways, they helped me to decide based on my proposed colour scheme, and I also sent them pictures of my space so they could see what ya girl is working with andthe size of the string lights required to fit my headboard. 

The Cottonball lights come in different colours and sizes, and on top of being able to purchase some pre-made designs, you can also mix and match them; which is what I did to achieve my little combination of SAPHisticated lights. If you need extra support in figuring out which of the colours or sizes to opt for, drop them a message on insta- they will be more than happy to help you. (P.s tell them I sent you too). 

So just a quick FYI- these lights have to be assembled yourself... hang on, what does that even mean? Well basically, they are delivered with everything you need, but you need to attach the cotton balls to the string lights when they arrive. This might seem scary, or might overwhelm you, but I promise you, the feeling you get once you've accomplished something yourself (particularly with decor) makes you really step back and appreciate the view more once it's all assembled, and I couldn't be happier. On the plus side, they are also really easy to put together so don't be put off by the fact that you have to attach them yourself, because when they are done they will probably look as mine do!

Anyway, as you can see, I still have lots of artwork and accessories to add into the mix, but I am pleased with the current progress nonetheless!

What do you think of my new colour scheme? Do you like a yellow and grey combo or would you have stuck with the teal?

Are you choosing or upgrading the colour scheme in your own bedroom? Here's my advice to avoid choosing colours that you might end up hating, avoid wasting time and money and to create a look that you will love forever.



1. Start with the colours that you already know you love

By this I mean, what colours do you frequently wear? Whether its clothes or lipstick, you will know what you're into and 9 times out of ten, if you'll wear it on your skin, you'll love it on your walls.

2. Collect 3 inspiring pictures of spaces filled with the colours you love.

My advice for narrowing down your favourite colours is to really look at the ones you have chosen individually, and then together.  I always like to start off by picking a neutral base, and matching against perhaps 1 or 2 vibrant colours, and then a darker shade to see how they might work well together. ALSO, vision/ mood boards are still a thing! Get your magazines out and create some looks that you can consider. Once this is done, go ahead and choose your favourite combination and...

3. Follow my 70 x 20 x 10 rule

The general rule I use when mixing colour is 70% as a main colour; which could be a neutral base or the colour that you want to dominate in the space; 20% of an accent colour and then a 10% colour for accessorising. They key here is getting the right balance between colour on the walls, colour through pattern/ textures and colour through your furnishings.

Once you've got all that down then its time to GET WILD... BRUCK IT OUTTTTT, SKIN IT OUT... okay, not that wild, but ya know what I mean! Like I said, once you've found a colour palette you love, you really won't need any help with sticking to it because you'll just KNOW it's right. And on the flipside of that, it is also absolutely OK to change your mind, just be sure about your scheme before committing to decorating as I'm sure you don't want to waste time or money changing things all the time! (Unless you happen to be a Libra and called Saphron...LOL).

Remember, colour has an interesting way of influencing our moods, feelings and actions so it's important to choose ones that bring out the best in you, and the best in your space too.

If you'd like more tips about choosing the right colours for your home or have any questions, drop me a line in the comments below.

Happy colour hunting!