Yo yo! 

How are ya? I feel like I haven't sat down to write a good old blog post in the longest time, but I am so excited for my new post to be all about one my favourite events this year to date; Clerkenwell Design Week!

Yes, I know... you probably heard me going on about this for weeks on my instagram and I'm about to chat about it some more because IT. WAS. LIT!

If you haven't heard of CDW before, it is a festival showcasing design and interiors from some of the leading brands in the industry, both in the UK and internationally. It is every design lovers dream and this year the festival celebrated it's 9th year between 22nd- 24th May.

This was my first time visiting design week so I really didn't know what to expect. The days leading up to the event I did wonder whether it was just going to be a bunch of snobby artsy people using fancy pants design terminology. But it didn't stop me from keeping an open mind and getting myself down to the Arper showroom to kick the week off with a Bloggers Tour organised by the wonderful Camron PR.

Before I go on, I must say thank you to the lovely Sophie Fabiani (who is the Comms Manager) at Arper who was so accommodating and responsive to all of my last minute requests. You're the ultimate GIRL BOSS.

So if you want a breakdown of all of the exhibitions, showrooms, workshops and talks I visited... stick around for tha SAUCE! (Or just skip to the eye candy images- I promise I won't be mad... MUCH). 


This years bloggers lounge was once again housed by Arper (@arper_official), a growing design brand who create home, office and community solutions, and who I think also hosted all us bloggers last year. This was my first time visiting their showroom so I was really struck by the contemporary yet colourful ambience of the space and I couldn't help but have a wander around. I'll be dedicating my next post to showcasing their showroom properly as I don't want to spam you with the images in this one- but prepare for classy, minimal, BOLD interiors with a playful edge to bust through your screens real soon.

The gorgeous Bardi Bowl Chair featured in Arper's showroom

The gorgeous Bardi Bowl Chair featured in Arper's showroom


I also need to mention the life saving wireless charging facility set up in the lounge for other numpties like me who managed to leave their cameras at home and had to resort to using their phone to shoot pictures and get coverage of the event... I mean, only me man.

The Aircharge unit was an absolute life saver throughout the week! Not only because it kept my phone full of juice, but because of how quickly it actually charged my phone to keep me connected to the digital world. 

Wireless charging is taking over the business world and with more and more brands focusing on digital innovation, I really feel that this is one of many products that prove beneficial time and time again. Let's face it, we've all missed out on being able to capture events, memories or check that urgent email due to low battery... but Aircharge shows us that we no longer have to. I definitely recommend this as a product which is well worth the investment as it could also go a long way in helping to build and maintain client relationships, given we all have that one thing in common... the need to charge our phones!

The Aircharge products were showcased at The Gallery at Design Week, but I didn't manage to get down to check them out. Luckily I was able to experience the power of their wireless charging valet tray in the bloggers lounge. Without going on, I must say that I was super shocked at the affordability of the products, with lower prices starting from just £24.99. Total BARGS!

The Wireless Charging Valet Tray retails at £160.99

The Wireless Charging Valet Tray retails at £160.99

The lifesaving wireless charger would make the perfect addition to any office or business space.

The lifesaving wireless charger would make the perfect addition to any office or business space.

Sophia also made sure that I was on the guestlist for all of the events that Arper hosted throughout the week (she is such a babe), and I really enjoyed the "Digital Language" talk, which was focused on the various digital tools available to us and examining design strategies for online communication.  

Disegno Magazine presented alongside a panel of Hannah Carter Owers, Director at Universal Design Studio, and designers Peter Marigold and Sebastian Bergne. Some pretty cool discussions around digital channels in this day and age and was really interesting to hear about the various uses of social media for all three of the panel members since their views and usage was so different to each others'.


CDW orchestrates seven exhibitions, hosted in distinctive venues and green spaces around the area, each with a different curatorial focus-

The best part about the bloggers tour (apart from not getting lost) was hearing more about the stories behind each exhibition and really being able to grasp the concepts from development right the way through to creation.

The tour details:

And I appreciate that I'm waffling a little so I'm gonna shut up and get to the parts that you all actually want to see... the pictures!

Whew... that was a long one! 

All in all, my first CDW event was fantastic and I definitely recommend going if you're a design fanatic like myself or just looking for something to do (for free) in London. There are also so many offers in the local bars and restaurants throughout the week for those visiting CDW so you can really make a day (or week) of it.

Special thanks to my new pal, @DigitalFluidity for listening to me chat away all day on the Tuesday (and it was lovely to meet you and hubby), Sophia and the team at the Arper showroom and James and team at Camron PR.

Already looking forward to CDW 2019, but you can catch me at London Design Festival before then :)

Did you visit CDW this year? What did you think of it?