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Happy May 2018 people. I actually love the first day of a new month because it's like something inside me kicks my ass into gear and gets me all fired up to take on whatever challenges may come my way. I dunno, there's something about the energy of the first of something that just gets me going... but anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about; particularly since we are now over a week into May and ready to get decor busy this month!

Last weekend, I caught up with an old friend of mine who has recently got her own little flat and I am sooooooo excited! Firstly, because of this new stage in her life; I remember how I felt moving out of my parents home all those years ago, and even though I was virtually clueless about how to fend for myself and run a household (even if only for one-ha), I was determined nonetheless! and secondly, because she came to me for advice and assistance as a stylist and decorator, and for inspo around design and homewares which is something that I really thrive on...can you tell? I'm sure I'll be touching on that a little more in the coming weeks when we get started decorating, but for now... it really got me thinking about colour, patterns and texture and I really want to share some of my favourite Dulux colours at the moment.

I remember when I first moved out, everyone used to rave about Dulux paint. I honestly couldn't tell you why, because to me paint was just paint and as long as the colour was great I really didn't care for whether it was "wipe clean" or matt instead of satin. Obviously, after experimenting with different types, shades, finishes and different paint qualities, one really starts to realise that there is definitely more to consider than just whether my pink is pink enough.

One obvious different between different types of paint is the finish, and believe it or not, this really does affect the ambience of a room so I really do feel like it's important to choose the right one; particularly if you are using it to paint your kitchen or bathroom because there is a special type of paint for that! If you need more information or help with choosing the right type of paint, I'd suggest starting here. But for those of you who are ready to look at some of my fave shades right now... get scrolling boo!

MAY 2018

Kicking off the list of loveables is this gorgeous pastel violet shade, which in my opinion completely puts blush to bed at the moment. You may have seen me speaking about my plans for a home office over on my social media, and I think this shade would make a lovely addition to the little space I have.

Decor tip: would look great with most neutral shades, or pair with neon interiors for a bold, eclectic finish.



You may be wondering why this particular paint is called Violet Verona 4. The range spans across a multitude of shades and tones of 'purple' and this one happens to be my FAVE! If you're thinking you'd like something similar but this is just a little too light (or maybe even too dark) for what you're looking for, check out the rest of the shades

Absolutely love this shot via Melanie Molesworth who used a similar shade of violet in her master bedroom. Although it looks slightly darker here due to the lighting.

Absolutely love this shot via Melanie Molesworth who used a similar shade of violet in her master bedroom. Although it looks slightly darker here due to the lighting.

Also guys, I cannot rave enough about tester paints and why they're so important to buy before simply slapping a bit of paint on the walls. Take it from someone who has made this mistake before, there is nothing sexy about a colour that is completely different to what it looks like on the tin... funnily enough, I had this same issue with nail varnish the other day. Looked beauts on the packaging, and then the finish was like WTF. 

The best part about getting loads of different testers is that you're able to look at the shades in daylight and night time to see how they'd change the aesthetic of the room at different times, and obviously colours dry differently to how they are sometimes presented on the tin... MORAL OF THE STORY, testers are our friends. The Violet Verona 4 tester is available at most stores (Homebase, B&Q, B&M etc) for £1.79. 

Niki Brantmark featured this gorgeous shot of Scandi inspired interiors with another similar Violet Verona shade.

Niki Brantmark featured this gorgeous shot of Scandi inspired interiors with another similar Violet Verona shade.

If you've already gone through this stage or you want to skip straight to buying this paint, you can buy it from £15.52 for the satinwood paint (which is good for interior wood and metals like the radiator) or £27.56 for the mixing matte paint.

In true spring style, the next colour moves away from the earlier pastel shade and is a colour that is most associated (in my opinion anyway) with the current season... GREEN, obvs! But not just any green. My current favourite shade of green by Dulux right now has to be Emerald Glade...


I've always been a big fan of green palettes and particularly since discovering the tropical interior trend a few years ago. What I like the most about shades of green is that no matter how light or dark, they always feel very fresh to me. This particular shade would work well with monochrome interiors and a whole jungle of plants... I can picture it now! I've also seen some design inspo featuring some similar shades that work really well with yellow colour palettes, and it definitely looks great when paired with gold accessories!

I'd be quite tempted to rock this shade in the bathroom and it's definitely one I'll be considering when I'm finally in a position to get my own bathroom renovated... (please lord let me collect these funds so I can get it all together). I mentioned this earlier, and most of you will already know that there is a different kind of paint that should be used when painting the bathroom (although I've heard that the standard paint works just as well). I personally would opt for using paint specifically designed for bathroom and kitchen as they have a particular long lasting effect and will pretty much withstand tough times like steamy showers or if you need to wipe them down because of oil splashes. Both the matte and silk finishes start at £15.74 and you can have a butchers here.

Emerald interiors featuring gold accents and multi-textured homewares via

Emerald interiors featuring gold accents and multi-textured homewares via

My final colour of the month choice hands down has to go to a colour that I could literally bathe in, because the way I love it, I might aswell lay down in it, roll around in it, and... well, you get my drift. It's obviously grey isn't it guys. 

I think some of you will be surprised to discover (if you don't know already that is) that pretty much the whole of my house is currently dressed in a grey, silver and gold aesthetic, which is quite far away from the colourful interiors that I'm always talking, blogging and dreaming about. I have a real passion for colour, don't get me wrong, but my love for glam, luxury interiors drew me towards a cooler colour scheme for the living room and bedroom, which is totes why the remaining 3 rooms in the house are about to have colour bombs dropped left, right and centre... anywho, that's a story for another time.

My final colour choice goes to...




I really like the idea of going DARK grey at some point in the future, because I think generally when people to grey it's usually either very light or two toned and I hardly ever see a dark colour dominate the walls of a residential room. 

This dulux shade provides the opportunity to do just that and I'd probs end up going all out with either dark mahogany wood and furniture or an even darker shade of grey. 

Colour combinations.PNG

This shade is also available in both interior and exterior form and ranges from £15.74- £37.81 dependent on the paint type, finish and whether it's to be mixed etc etc etc.

The Humphrey Munson pantry in a similar slate shade is GOALS AF! 

The Humphrey Munson pantry in a similar slate shade is GOALS AF! 

Are any of these up your street? Or maybe you have some ideas about how these colours can be used to enhance or build your dream space? Let me know below, I love hearing all of your ideas!