Hi guys,

Hope you've all had a great start to the New Year? This is my first post of the New Year, so I am pretty peeped about it. For me, this year is all about creating positive experiences...or things! I thought I'd kick off with a tutorial on how I made the cute floral mache letters featured below, and I hope it inspires you to explore your creative side this year. 

I'll just add while I am here that I refer to "MDF letters" various times throughout the video, because I am an idiot and didn't realise they weren't MDF until well after I filmed lol.

Saphron London Floral MDF letters

I've included the video below so feel free to jump right in; but for anyone who wants a little more detail, like for example, what you need to make one of these yourself, I've put the deets below.


Hobbycrafy diy crafts


Mache Letters
I purchased these ones from Hobbycraft on boxing day because everything was pretty much half price. The ones I've linked are the same size as the ones you see in my tutorial, but you can also get larger ones if you'd like. 

Spray paint
You'll notice from my tutorial that I had an 'uh-ha' moment when I realised I had some gold spray paint and primer, which meant that I only had to attach the decor to the front of the letters and not all over. This really helped with the end result so I would definitely suggest you painting your letters if you choose to make them yourself. I bought  both spray paints from Wilkinsons.

Wilko spray paint-saphronlondon

Floral detail/ foliage
I decided to go with a floral design for my letters, but there are so many different designs out there, or maybe you already have one in your head. I used two different types of flower detail in my design, as well as some leaf foliage for added decoration. The pink ones can be found here, and the smaller white ones here. 


Glue gun & glue
I'd needed a mini glue gun so jumped at the chance to get it on offer from Hobbycraft. It comes with 2 mini glue sticks, but I bought an additional pack so that I didn't run out, and it was a good job I did. If you don't want to buy a glue gun, you can use any multi-purpose glue. But remember to get one that dries clear and not white!


Optional extras
I also bought these super cute clover leaf and diamante detail accessories as I wanted to bling my letters up a bit. The letters look super cute with or without, but I definitely recommend adding a bit of zazzle. Use anything, just make it look... DAMN GINA(ish).  

I purchased most things you see here and in the video at Hobbycraft, because not only are they one of my favourite stores, they always what I need to bring some sauce to my craft/ DIY project. But any craft goods will work well, just use your imagination!

Right, I won't keep you chattin'... or reading rather; so here it is, my floral MDF letter tutorial.


So in the video, I started by laying out the floral detail and accessories on top of the mache letters so that I could develop a vision for how I wanted the end result to look, which really helped as up until then I honestly had no idea.

You will discover after watching the video that I decided to spray my letters gold (also after sticking some of the leaves down to the first letter too-oops) to give it a little glam look and also so it wasn't just plain white. Remember to use the primer first if you don't buy mdf/ mache letters that are already primed.


Once the paint dries, you're ready to start adding your decorative accessories. I plugged my glue gun in and waited a few minutes for it to turn hot. It was then just a case of cutting the wire off the rose details and gluing the back of them so that I could stick them to my letters. This really is the easy bit- the hard bit for me was figuring out how I wanted it to look.

Repeat this until you have covered all your letters in the design or style you'd like. Let them dry for about 30 minutes and then put them up somewhere and take a selfie so that I can see how fabulous they are! Video tutorial below.


For anyone who wants to try these but needs some design inspiration, Pinterest is the place to be! 

I hope you love it, and make sure you let me know what you think! This only took me around an hour (not including dry time for the paint) and is very easy to do- get the kids involved too!