Is it just me or is it time for a fresh set of bedding?

The downside of buying a standard duvet cover is that they wear quite easily over time, so you're obvs more likely to have to replace it more often.

I've always usually gone to John Lewis or Dunelm to get my duvet and pillow set; nothing too fancy, but also not the lowest range either. What I've realised over the last few years is that there are certain times when the splurge is necessary, and unavoidable... and I promise you that this is one of those occasions. If you need to put my theory to the test, just go to a bed store, or John Lewis, or anywhere that have premium-luxury duvets on sale, and actually lie down/ feel the difference between the various qualities of duvet covers, because mate, I tell you, it's a thing!

I actually plan on replacing my duvet and pillow set this month because even though we're set to get a little warmer (one day; hopefully), spring is always the time where I feel like upgrading my set (and it may sound crazy but I do this yearly without fail). The reason why I choose spring is because I prefer to buy anti-allergy sets where I can to prepare for the hell that I like to call hayfever. Yes, I suffer. Bad. 

So I am planning on upgrading my current duvet, pillows and covers and because we're friends, I thought I'd show you what I'm planning on buying; most of which I am trying for the first time. but all of which are totally affordable and actually cheaper than what I spent on my last duvet set. I'll post a review on the quality of these a few weeks after I've tried them, and let's be real, if they're not that great I can always replace them given the price. 


So I'd usually go for a 15 tog duvet because I like to get into bed and feel like I'm laying on clouds lol. But recently, I've felt slightly suffocated in my big old bed and think I could go a tog or few lower to even out the fact that it's just me. LISTEN, all that space in a bed is torturous when you first get into it, particularly in winter. Like, can you get frostbite from a bed? Because that shxt is cold af!


I absolutely LOVE Dunelm and even more so because they make shopping for things so much easier; and when you shop online, they have a tool for you to select a pillow based on the way that you sleep. YASSSS! I know right. 

Apparently, there are certain types of firmness, shapes, sizes etc that can help you get better support for you depending on the position you sleep in. For example, they offer soft support ideal for front sleepers, medium support for back sleepers, and firm support for side sleepers. What they really need to do is invent a pillow for some who sleeps in every single one of those damn positions, and then some! But that's a story for another time.

I'd likely purchase 2 sets of these pairs because, again, even though it's just me, I like to sleep like I'm in a luxury hotel in Bali loool. Although, Im not sure a luxury hotel would have £15 pillows, but just work with me for a second.



You've probably already seen that the main colour theme in the bedroom is silvers and grey toned colours, but I am slowly introducing more colour and pattern without making it overbearing. For bed sheets though, I like to mix it up and sometimes stick to the base colour and sometimes get really colour creative. 

I really like the look of this grey bed sheet so I look forward to trying this.

I remember a time when my bed used to go full on GRANDMA with the valance sheets LOL. Don't get me wrong, some of them can actually be super stylish, but the standard cream frilly valance sheet really reminds me of the inside of a coffin; and no I'm NOT SORRY. 

For those of you who don't know what I mean:

Now do y'all see what I mean? Sorry Wayfair!

Now do y'all see what I mean? Sorry Wayfair!

Now onto the fun part, because shopping for new duvet covers is one of my favourite things to do (can you tell how exciting I am?). Again, I'm looking for a mix of contemporary yet elegant cover designs that fit with the bedroom theme, but I also want to explore some daring colours and prints that'd act kind of as a feature, like this one here that's pictured on my new bed. After having a bit of a browse I came across these, which are right up my street!



I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the look of this duvet set... like to the point where I am questioning whether my recent dislike of crushed velvet is justified. It's also a bit rich when I have crushed velvet curtains and blinds in the living room, but maybe it's just a fabric that I only like to see in moderation?

I'm new to the world of Catherine Lansfield designs, yet so far totally impressed; and I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am literally her target market- haha! I love pretty much every single one of her homeware designs and I look forward to purchasing this beaut of a duvet cover set, which comes with the pillowcases also.


I have to be careful with prints on the duvet cover since I have a damask print wallpaper on all the walls in the bedroom. I'm admittedly still trying to work my way through pairing prints, textiles and colour without them clashing... it's definitely still a work in progress. Having said that, I am all up for seeing how this dandelion print might look in the bedroom with it's subtle pops of mustard tones.

I'm quite fond of Dunelm's collection of bedding in general and particularly love the Charm bedding set that I bought last year for £38.

Anyway, back to business... there's a few more bedding sets that I'm currently thinking about getting so I've added them to a slideshow/ grid to make it easier for you to see. The details should be available if you hover, but if not just click the image and it'll take you straight to the product on the retailers website (you're welcome). I've included some sets with different colours and patterns, which might not necessarily be for me and the decor in my bedroom, but could defo be your next cover!