I'm back at it again with some new plans for my bathroom makeover. But before I get into that in my next post, I wanted to set the scene for you guys so you have a little background into my decorating journey.

Aight boom...(just kidding, would I ever start a paragraph like that? really? LOL). I've recently moved into a new home which is not only more spacious than my old flat, but also carries amazing energy and has really brought my interior tastes and creativity to life. 

There's something about moving into a new place, be it a new home, a new place of work, or just a new environment in general that in my opinion really signifies new beginnings; and I literally crave being in the midst of that feeling or process.


Decorating your home is no joke, and is expensive af!


But aside that fact, I absolutely love it. Like many others, I'm taking a staged approach to decorating my abode. Not only is this the most cost effective way for me to design and decorate my rooms, but it's helped me to stop making rash decisions (or impulse purchases) about furniture, colour choices and everything related, and to actually think more about how I want my home to look and feel once the decorating is completed. Surprisingly, I never used to think about the whole picture, and just used to buy any and everything if I liked it.


So how far have I gotten with decorating?


Well, let's just say that the floors have been laid throughout and the bedroom, living room and hallway have all been coated in a soft grey paint; so I am not completely in the beginning stages. Having said that, I am still finalising the furniture, features and accents of each of these rooms, and I must say, this is one of my favourite parts of the design process. You can follow my journey via instagram stories. 

As for the kitchen, bathroom, spare room, garden and storage solutions; we are still very much in the design phase of the project, which moves me onto one of the moodboards I've created for the (potential) design of my bathroom. Exciting! 



I've decided to do something a little different with my bathroom, because a) my interior preferences are continually evolving and b) I just want to do what the hell I want, and I want green dammit! 

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that last year I was very much into the tropical interior trend. Actually, scrap that. I F*CKING LOVED IT and still do! So much so, that I want to create my own tropical vibes in the bathroom, and combined with complementary scents and grand gold fixtures. I'm calling it "Tropical vibes take glam". 

I've decided to dedicate my next post to my bathroom makeover plans, which will include more visuals and detail around the look and feel I want to go for, and also an additional mood-board that I created, because I'm a DIVA and need to choose between two of my favourite designs before I make my final decision...(I guess it's a Libra thing). I will definitely need your help with that!

I hope my decorating journey makes a little more sense to you if you're a new reader, and just the same to all of you who have been with me from the start.

Look forward to talking "tropical x glam" and my additional mystery bathroom design prospects with you in my next post.



Moodboard via Saphron London
Featured post image via Alimac