Guess who managed to get down to the Ideal Home Show this week after dreaming of going for so long?! Mum and I thought we'd have a day out together at the Home Show in Olympia, and we ended up making a lovely day of it.

I haven't been to the home show previously so I really didn't know what to expect and hadn't obsessed over looking into what would happen on the day as much as I did with the Beautycon London event that took place at the same venue late last year; all I remember is that I really hoped the two weren't anything alike...and luckily, they weren't.

I thought I'd take you through the highlights of the event in pictures rather than having a texty post, though I realise I've already started rambling on as usual- soz! Before I take you through a mini-tour of the event in pictures, for anyone who may be interested in visiting next year, we got early bird 2 for 1 tickets which worked out at around £18 for mum and I together. There are also a number of free tickets on offer in the weeks leading up to the event so if you're feeling lucky, it's defo worth you trying your luck at bagging some tickets for free.

Mumma and me having a cheeky nose around. (We loved this mirror). 

Mumma and me having a cheeky nose around. (We loved this mirror). 



The Good Homes room sets at the show were obviously going to be my favourite area to visit as it's perfect for all of us who are currently in the middle of/ or planning their next decorating project. The room sets were full of inspiration in terms of design and home furnishings and also gave a real glimpse into the art of styling interiors. 

These were my favourite room sets at the show:

Good Homes Mag-Saphron London
Good Homes Mag-Saphron London

So you've probably gathered why I loved the various room designs, right? Not only have I totally figured out what theme I am going with in the kitchen (yes after all this time), I also feel completely in control and content with knowing that I cannot commit to another room at this stage, until I have finalised the living room and home office.

Anyway, aside some gorgeous homewares and interiors, there were also other areas in the home show that I would have loved to have visited, but sadly didn't end up having the time. I'd really liked to have taken part in one of the how to/ craft workshops, although on the day I went I can't say I was overly impressed with the workshop topic, so I didn't feel too bad about missing out on this. 

Other events within the ideal home show included:

  • Celebrity speakers in the Theater
  • Free entry to the Eat & Drink Festival
  • Show homes
  • Renovation Advice Hub
  • A Pamper lounge
  • The Royal Wedding Cake Competition
One of my favourite cake designs in the Royal Wedding Cake Competition by Claire's Sweet Temptations...*drooling*

One of my favourite cake designs in the Royal Wedding Cake Competition by Claire's Sweet Temptations...*drooling*

So would I go again? Definitely! All in all, I had a great day and it made for a wonderful day out with mumma. I think next time I may purchase the "Mother and Daughter package" which I think comes with the opportunity to have afternoon tea in the champagne bar and a few added extras on the day. I think it would also be a good idea for me to plan my day a little better next time so that I get the opportunity to visit everywhere, participate in the workshops and still have enough time to shop around.

Did you visit the show? What did you think of it? Did you get any saucy design inspo for your next project?


P.S I also took some very random pictures on the day that I've included in a slideshow below- interestingly, I didn't get any of me- which is so out of character :)