Saphron London hanging a mirror for the first time.


Oh heyyyyyy you!

I thought I'd share my experience of hanging something on the walls for the first time, and also take the chance to show off a little and reveal my new mirror and wall clock because they're freaking fabulous.

I don't know why I've always been so petrified of hanging things on the walls in my home, or just drilling holes into walls in general, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone for once and really get stuck into some DIY this last week. 

I guess, for me, I've been scared that I'll f*ck something up beyond repair and I generally just hate the feeling I get if I do something wrong or not quite right. However, how the hell am I going to learn or try new things if I continue to lounge around my comfort zone (probably in faux slides with a cup of coffee in my hand), and not at least attempt to conquer new challenges? Exactly, it's impossible.

Well, I had the perfect excuse to sort myself out when my new mirror from arrived and was ready for it's red carpet debut. So far, this is not only the first time I've ever hung anything on the walls myself, but it's the first item that has gone on the walls in my new home at all; so I was both excited and nervous. Like, I literally, at the time half had thoughts of me drilling a hole through the wall and the whole house caving in, and half had positive thoughts reminding myself to pre-determine the outcome myself through the power of mind. It worked!

So before I get into the steps I took before, during and after getting stuff onto the walls, l thought I'd show you all what I am hanging (or what I hung). So, introducing my new mirror;


The COG Wall Mirror (£139.99)  via



It looks so much smaller in that picture than it actually felt, or looks to be fair. But, I am totally in love with it. Naturally, I was freaking out about the likelihood of me having to clean it so often, but the dogs can't reach that high and I'm mindful not to touch a glass mirror! Let's see if it stays clean...LOL.

If you're a first timer too and want to learn how I hung this beauty on the wall, keep reading! If you want to see the end look, just scroll to the bottom of the page where you can also check out my cool new clock that I've put up in the hallway.




So before I get into the 'how to', I'll start with what you need to make sure you can get your picture, mirror or whatever up...and for it to stay up!

What you need:

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Wall plugs
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Pen/ pencil



1. OK first things first, before you start doing anything you should really have think about ( in depth) where you'd like your item to hang, and the position of the wall you wish for it to sit. Once you've figured it out, you'll need to measure the hanging points on your item and plot them on the wall that you're going to be hanging them on using the tape measure and pen/pencil.

Tip: Use a spirit level to make sure pictures, mirrors, and everything you hang ends up on the wall straight.

2. Once you've plotted it all out (and have taken 12 deep breaths in), make a start on drilling your holes. Just some advice before you start to drill; it will feel weird the first time... like you're going to lose control of the drill and just start drilling walls, hands, toes etc. Keep a firm grip on the drill and press down really hard on the spot that you're drilling your hole in and you'll be fine.

Tip: If your hole isn't wide enough, drill some more but rotate in a circular motion to make the hole wider. (If this doesn't make sense it's a FLICKA THE WRIST type movement lol).


3. Now it's time to push those wall plugs in... remember to buy the right kind of wall plugs for your walls. You can learn more about that here. I used these ones. 

Tip: Use your hammer to bang the wall plugs in if they don't go in all the way.


4. Push your screws in. Most mirrors have the fixings required to hook the mirror onto the screws on the wall directly, (the COG mirror does), Once secure, and I mean super secure (i.e no wobbles)...go ahead and place the hooks over the screws. You're almost there!

This is the last step and you'll need to really pay attention to this one because it is crucial to ensuring that your hanging item will stay hanging!

5. Take a step back and make sure it's all straight and looks OK...and if it does... take another step back and MILLY ROCK ON ANY BLOCK because you've done it boo and I am so proud of ya! 

See, it really is that easy! I have absolutely no idea where my phobia of hanging came from, but it was super unwarranted. Anyways, can I just show you what my mirror looks like up already? Mirror out here SHINING SHINING SHINING SHINING YAAAAAA *beyonce voice*.


Here it is...

Saphron London Home Decor

And if you want a short clip from my insta-stories of my mirror in action...

As you can see, I still have a few finishing touches to add to the mantle so that it's fully styled the way I'd like it to be...but there's nothing wrong with showing off a little progress, right? It sounds silly, but the pride I felt knowing that I can now hang something up independently without having to ask anyone for help just makes me feel so's like another tick off my conquer list! And, I bet if you've never hung anything up yourself, or in fact even if you have, the sense of accomplishment you feel after you've done it will be the same!

Once I'd smashed getting the mirror up, I moved on to hanging a cute little wall clock that I inherited from my mumma (I love her, she's always giving me cool stuff and I love incorporating family stuff into my home- it makes me feel like they're always there). Luckily, the clock didn't require most of the steps I'd already taken, other than a good old screw and hammer; but make sure you plot the points on the wall again before you get it up to make sure it'll be straight and in the right place.

Here's a look at the clock which is now in hanging proudly in the hallway, which by the way, is still very much in need of some love... but it's a start!


The images are slightly blurred so you can't see all the detail on the clock, but it's super cute and a new alternative to the traditional clock if you're into something different. I'm not sure where it's from, but if you'd like to know just ask and I'll try to find out.

Hopefully, I'll be updating you on some new accessories for the mantle under the mirror and some thought around how to pimp out my hallway soon.


Have you hung anything on the wall before? How did you find it?