Saphron London Cortinas Bed

I've said it before, and I'm about to say it again... Wayfair is the shxt! Not only do they have a large range of premium-luxury brands all in one place, but they're so freaking affordable that you're likely to wonder what the catch is... well, I can actually say, there is none!

I'd been needing a new bed since I first moved in but since it was lower down on my priority list, I've only just replaced the old one. I know I'm the kind of person that likes to change up the decor and accessories in my home quite often, but when it comes to furniture it's pretty much a different story for me. Furniture is something that I generally wouldn't replace as often, because not only can it be expensive, but they pretty much are the foundation of my home. Of course, that went out the window when it came to getting a new bed because I was sick of the creaking noises and can honestly not think of anything worse than a metal bedframe... Oops, sorry if I sound a bit boujee. In fact, I find metal bed frames quite tacky now and that's rich coming from someone who had the typical black bedframe and fairy lights intertwined around the headboard LOL.

Note: if your bed is creaking and you're not ready to replace it, just slap a little WD40 around the edges and it should be good as new.

Another issue I had with my old bed was that it was just outright uncomfortable. There's nothing worse than having an uncomfortable nights sleep...especially if you have to be up early in the mornings or just spend most of your time out; coming home to a fulfilling bed and a smooth nights sleep shouldn't be too much to ask for. 

I did quite a lot of online window-shopping before making my final decision about beds. I'd considered a few, from loads of different retailers, and believe it or not... that included Argos. I saw loads of well designed beds in many of the high street faves and wanted to get something that was great value for money but didn't compromise on the theme in the bedroom; Silver Swan... as I like to call it. In plain terms, Silver wallpaper & grey accents LOL. 

So after searching around for a while, I decided I wanted to go with the Cortinas Upholstered Bed Frame, which by the way, is currently on sale for just £242 (which is really annoying at the same time). 

The Cortinas bed has a sprung slatted base and suede headboard. Image via Wayfair.

The Cortinas bed has a sprung slatted base and suede headboard. Image via Wayfair.

I absolutely love the suede headboard in the check design, and the contrast of grey really complements the various shades of greys/ silvers in my bedroom. 

I was actually so excited once I placed the order (which had free delivery by the way) and I couldn't wait for it to arrive... it's all I could speak about. I did have a small issue with getting this delivered initially as you weren't able to choose a delivery slot upfront, and would have to take a 'wait and see' approach and hope that they give you a slot that you can actually make. Unfortunately, the first 2 delivery slots were inconvenient as they were bang in the middle of the day and I work full-time which wasn't good for me. But once I rang their customer service team and explained the situation it was all good and actually managed to get this rescheduled for delivery the following day, so I ended up waiting about just over a week for it to be delivered in total.

And finally, it was here... 

But... wait... 

I had forgotten about one small thing; I had to assemble it!

(Excuse some of the poor quality photos, which were taken on my iphone)

Saphron London delivery boxes

I mean, I had no idea what to expect at all because I'd never put together a bed on my own before; but how hard can it be? Plus, I'm an independent woman and all that jazz... I can do this!

I actually vlogged most of the journey on my insta-stories so that you guys could follow my attempt at putting it all together... and I was overwhelmed by the amount of you guys spurring me on and telling me how amazing I am... EGO INFLATED.




Saphron London- old bed
Cortinas Headboard
I was feeling slightly overwhelmed by this point. But, determined nonetheless. 

I was feeling slightly overwhelmed by this point. But, determined nonetheless. 

After getting out all of the parts and organising them into easy reach piles, I decided to make a start on getting this bad boy together. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found putting it together and almost laughed at the "2 person assembly" note on the front of the package... although I am not recommending you DIY if you have any health/ medical conditions or any body pain.

Almost there!

Almost there!

And just like that... she is ready! Well, I say just like that, this took me about 2 hours from unboxing through to finish. 

Assembly: Easy 

Saphron London bed

She's alive! and even though I was so ready to jump in her by the time I'd finished putting her together, I was so relieved, happy and proud of my hard work, and I felt very accomplished! Another star for my independent woman-ness. 

I wanted to wait a while before commenting on level of comfyness which is why this post has taken me a lot longer to write. But now that its been a good while, I can whole heatedly say that this is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time and I couldn't be happier with my new bed. It sounds pathetic but I actually have moments where I just lie there and think about how grateful I am for this beautiful new addition to my home, and I am so glad that I made the right choice.

You'll also be happy to know that my sleepless nights are no longer. Long story short, but a few years ago I had crazy experiences with insomnia and even sleep paralysis. If you don't know what sleep paralysis is, google it... but don't read into the 'possessed by demons' malarkey. It was, however, the scariest experience I've ever had in my whole 27 years of life. My new bed has improved the quality of my sleep drastically, and I am super happy about that. 

But what do I rate my new bed out of 10?

I rate it a 10. It is perfect to me and there is honestly nothing about it that I'd want to change.

Now all I need to do is finalise the accent colours in the bedroom and then I can purchase a million gorgeous new bed sheets and get going with the accessories too... oooooh so exciting.

Naturally, I had to take some cuter pics and obviously some that included me looking excited because... I mean, just because. 


Currently exploring TEAL x Yellow interiors as accent colours in the bedroom. What do you guys think? I cannot wait to get some artwork up and the lighting sorted, but for now I am going to enjoy my gorge new bed, and as a matter of fact... that's where I'm headed right now.

Night beauts!

Are you looking for a new bed? If you're looking for something specialist get in touch and I can help you source the perfect one for you! Sx