Saphron London October favourites

Happy Saturday boo!

I know I say this like every day, but seriously, can we just get a little slo-mo situation going on with time? It’s 20th October… WHET? Anyway, given that October is my favourite (and birthday) month in the year, I thought I’d start doing a monthly post about some of my favourite items that I’ve either purchased or been a liddle obsessed with throughout the month. I know, I know; October isn’t over yet, but I was eager and already had a list of 10 so ya girl really didn’t need an excuse.


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My mum and dad bought me a necklace when I was in my teens (and super obsessed with the playboy bunny logo) and even though it’s not expensive or entirely in fashion anymore, it holds real sentimental value to me. Anyway, you can purchase an identical one here.

Miss October necklace

Its become pretty much a ritual for me to wear the necklace throughout October, but you might also catch it on me at other random times. Here’s me wearing it on my birthday:

Saphron London
Saphron London

Who else was obsessed with the playboy bunny back in the day?

2. Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Matte Nude

I am soooooo gassed over these Revolution Pro lipsticks, and for several reasons. First of all, I’ve been trying to go for a much more subtle look with my makeup these days and I can’t tell you how long I’ve been searching for my perfect shades of nude. Ladies, you’ll know what I mean because we all have that particular nude that gets the lips POPPIN’ and is perfect for our skin tone. Well these lipsticks are mine…

Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Matte Nude

The collection is made up of 5 full sized shades, which are called Protect, Real, Naked, Raw and Truth and are available to buy on the Revolution Pro website or at Superdrug; which is where I bought mine. They are matte in finish and all have their own gorgeous undertone of peachy, browny or pinky nude shades, which makes them all a perfect fit for the light-medium skin toned lady.

Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Matte Nude

I haven’t tried all of the shades yet, but I LOVE how the NAKED shade looks on me with a dab of clear gloss over the top:

Saphron London x Revolution Pro

Also in case you were wondering, the lipsticks don’t dry out on your lips and make you feel like you’re hella dehydrated. They pack enough punch to keep your lips well moistured and don’t give off that dry cracking effect that I really hate with some other matte lipsticks.

10/10 for these babies!


I went shopping with my best friend (PREEYA) the other day and we ended up having a good walk around Primark, where we came across this bad boy…


I’m a massive fan of makeup storage, and I know that the clear acrylic solutions are pretty much everywhere nowadays, but at £2 reduced from £4 each, I am all the way here for this little beauty organiser.

Primark beauty organiser

If you don’t manage to find them in your local store, here are a couple others that you might like for roughly the same price:


Ok so this one might actually have made it as my PURCHASE OF THE MONTH because if it’s furry and also a jacket, I was always going to love it. This was another purchase on my little shopping trip with my bestie (who I always seem to spend the most money with when I’m out for some wild reason lol).

Cannot wait to throw this baby on and walk the streets :)

Yes, it’s a beautiful grey fur jacket that I bought from New look the other day. So, two things; the jacket was originally £34.99 but they had a 25% off sale in store which brought it down to £26.25. BARGAIN! Also, the reason why it was only £34.99 in the first place was because it’s actually part of the New look junior collection… which I take advantage of since I fit into it lol. I bought mine in age 14-15; don’t ask me how I fit into but I do.

I haven’t worn it yet so I don’t have a picture of it on, but here’s what it looks like…

I’m about to shut down a city near you soon in the  Grey Faux Fur jacket  from New Look.

I’m about to shut down a city near you soon in the Grey Faux Fur jacket from New Look.

This beaut of a jacket is also available in Bright Pink.

This beaut of a jacket is also available in Bright Pink.


Did you watch my instastories a few days ago when I was talking about worktop savers and how the pretty ones are usually priced from £10? Well if you didn’t, I showed off my new glass workstop saver (which is technically a chopping board) that I bought from B&M for £2.99! How cute is it?

Geometric worktop saver

B&M is also where I bought my black cutlery and dish drainer and is pretty much one of my go-to store for cleaning and laundry items.


I don’t usually write about beauty/ makeup/ fashion on my blog, but I get lots of questions on my social media about what foundations or lipsticks I use, or what my haircare routine is; so I’ve decided to start adding these topics as part of the new “lifestyle” element of my blog. If it starts to get a little boring let me know; because there’s nothing more snoozefest than a generic beauty/ lifestyle blog that is out here requiring several bursts of E45 cream.

Anyway, I have to talk to you about this mascara because I genuinely feel like it has changed my life…Oops, I meant lashes. I’m a fan of the Givenchy brand in general, but sometimes I feel as though people rate particular brands just because they’re more upmarket than high street ones…and to be honest, some of them are WAYYYYYYYY overpriced.

HowEVERRRRRRRRRRRR, (and yes you have to emphasise it when you read it like I did), this is totally worth the price (RRP around £26) because the finish is amazing. What I love about it most is that it doesn’t clump your eyelashes together, which I’ve found with lots of other luxury mascaras.

I done a bit of digging to find out where you can get this mascara for the best price and it looks like AllBeauty.com retail it for £17.64 or you can get it from Debenhams for the standard price and collect 78 beauty points if you’re a member of the Debenhams Beauty Club.


I already have a total obsession with mood lighting in general, particularly neon lights, so I was intrigued by this LED mood light when I saw it in B&M the other night and had to buy one for the mantle.

LED mood light

Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air seeing your initial surrounded by a pink aesthetic…in the words of Travis Scott; IT’S LIT! I bought this baby for just £3.99 and it comes with a remote control that allows you to dim and brighten the light as you please, and also flick through a rainbow of colours.




I’ve been digging some of the homewares from George at Asda recently, and actually, supermarket homeware brands have my heart in general if I’m being honest… I LOVE THEM ALL. I’ve been in need of some cushiony additions to my sofa and I came across these super cute cushions the other day when mama and I were having a nose around.

SaphronLondon home

These Chenille Cushions in colour Ochre are available in store or online for £7 each.

Large Chenille Cushion - George at Asda


If you follow my socials you will likely have seen these two gorgeous prints by Gayle Mansfield Designs in some of the pictures of my living room. I purchased these bad boys a good few months ago but hadn’t gotten around to hanging them just yet; but I’ve finally got them up on the wall and I love the way they make a statement in my home.

A perfect example of how I reflect my personality in my home.

A perfect example of how I reflect my personality in my home.

If you didn’t know, the purpose of my blog has always been to inspire people to bring their inner THEM into the home with a collection of the things they love, and by a reflection of who they are and what makes them happy… well these prints do just that from my side. The prints featured here are the red on pink “HI” print (£23) and the black on yellow “BLAH BLAH BLAH” print (£24). Both of mine are sizes 30 x 40cm.

Pink gin, saphron london home

There are a variety of prints available on the website, all at different sizes. So if you’re looking for something that’s more YOU, I am totes confident that there is something on there for you. P.s let Gayle know that I sent you :)


And lastly, but definitely not least is one of my birthday goodies that I absolutely love. This doughnut balloon by Sunnylife made the perfect addition to my birthday pictures this year and I am pleased to say that it is still going strong.

Donut balloon, Saphron London
Saphron London

It is such a cutie and I want it to live for as long as possible! Lol. Also, a nice change to the number balloons that everyone seems to have these days. You can get this for £9 on the Sunnylife website.

And that’s me all done…

Did you have any faves from my list of faves? Or have you tried any of the things above? I’d love to hear which ones you liked the most! Drop me a comment below and let me know what one of your own October faves are!

Have a lovely weekend babe.