University Survival Kit: The Decor Edition

Hey boo,

I hope you’re settling back into work and life in general after the blissful summer months we’ve had? Perhaps you’ve taken the jump and decided to commit to taking up a course at uni? Congratulations! You have taken another step towards living your best life (and making money moves post graduation- YASSS!).

I didn’t do the whole “uni / live-out” experience thing, but I always figured that if I did, my little box room would be full of multi-purpose, cosy, chic homewares; so that my home away from home would feel a little more like…well, home.

Mixed emotions can occur right around the time of making significant moves in life; and I remember when I first moved out and went through a period of missing home (months after wild parties and being a rebel, I might add). But what always seemed to provide comfort was my collection of belongings that made my new flat feel as warm and inviting as my family home did…and that is exactly what I’d suggest you do if you’re not sure how you’re gonna feel after moving out (and particularly when it sets in).

Anyway, here is the Saphron edit of a UNI SURVIVAL KIT…

UNI SURVIVAL KIT: The Decor Edition


Something homely

When I first moved out I found comfort in some items that I’d taken from my family home (sorry mum & dad) and re-purposed in my new space.

Items such as family photos, an old throw from the sofa, or even an old egg cup from the kitchen cupboard can work a whole load of magic in terms of feeling like yourself in a new environment.

If you didn’t manage to grab any of your family home belongings, Urban Outfitters have some super amazing (and inspiring) motif tapestry. Here’s a few faves:

Something moody

Nothing says mood like a Yankee Candle wax burner; and this bad boy will leave your room “Lookin’, Smellin’, feelin, like a million bucks”.

Official Yankee Candle Black Sandblast Wax Melt Warmer | £19.99

Official Yankee Candle Black Sandblast Wax Melt Warmer | £19.99

Something LIT

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll have peeped my obsession with lighting and the various moods that different types can create. For example, I am big on candles in the evening; regardless of whether it’s sunny and summery or cold and wintery. Here' I’ve broken down a practical choice, and two additional must haves to bring a little VIBE to your HIVE…

Something YOU

My number one rule for styling and decorating any room is to think, live and BREATHE a whole load of YOU into the space. The best way to do this (in short), is to think about who you are and the kinds of things that you love or believe in, and to then bring them to life in your room.

For example, I love ARTWORK; and instead of buying art that I think other people would like (like I did once upon a time…or two), I find pieces that represent me and every time I see them throughout the house I’m almost reminded of who I am.

I am particularly obsessed with digital prints by the lovely Emily at Doodle Moo at the moment. I’ve included some faves below, but go check out her website and see if you find any you love (I guarantee you will). Remember to tell her that I sent you. :)

The “Kiss Me WILD” print is a new addition to the Doodlemoo collection and is available from £19 for A4. (More sizes available)

The “Kiss Me WILD” print is a new addition to the Doodlemoo collection and is available from £19 for A4. (More sizes available)


£18.00 (A4)


£19.00 (A4)

P.s, if you sign up to the DoodleMoo newsletter you can get 10% off your first order!

Something you need

And what’s more needed than a good duvet cover? I don’t know about you, but sleeping in someone elses bedding just doesn’t feel right to me; I just have to have my own! This is probably the one item in my list that I really feel like you should invest most in- after all, when your head hits your pillow at night (particularly in a new place), you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible.

The good news is that you can get a quality duvet and cover set without breaking the bank. Here are my picks:

My fave bedding tip: Get your duvet cover in the size up from your bed size. E.g if you have a single, get a double. A larger size always looks and feels cozier than getting the exact size. Also, always go for a thicker tog duvet (I’d go for 13 tog upwards) which will carry you through winter.

Something practical

I remember when I first moved out and didn’t have the foggiest idea about all the little details of things I needed, but I do remember purchasing a kitchen starter set from Argos, which contained all the essentials I needed to whip things up come meal times.

This literally does exactly what it says on the tin…gets you started in the kitchen. So if you’re looking for something more long term/ quality, I’d start at John Lewis. But if you’re on a budget and need all the essentials, this 20 piece starter kit is perfect for you.

The Simple Value 20 Piece Kitchen Essentials Starter Set from Argos is available for £22.

The Simple Value 20 Piece Kitchen Essentials Starter Set from Argos is available for £22.

Something nice

What’s your own space without filling it whit sh*t you actually like? NOTHING, that’s what. I’m a big advocate for reflecting the personality with a collection of things you love in the home; and there’s no exception in the uni halls!

Asos has a really quirky homeware section that not many people seem to know about; so I’ve included some sassy little items below. I bet you’ll love em…

And that' sums up my uni (decor) survival kit! If you're looking for something a little more all encompassing, I’d recommend reading the following helpful guides and essentials checklists by IKEA, Wilko, TK MAXX and The Student Room.

Happy Studies!