Hi! Hola! Bonjour! (And that's as far as my multi-lingual skills, or lack thereof extends to I'm afraid).

Welcome! I am so happy, not only to share this with you, but to finally be able to shift focus from designing my website to actually living and creating the content (and life) that I love. 


For those of you who don't know, I am a 27 year old creative, with a passion for design, empowerment and spreading good vibes wherever I go. You will no doubt discover that I am a real professional when it comes to working life,  but I also have a dope sense of humour, believe in pushing beyond the boundaries and i am trying to put this into practice in my everyday life. On the flipside, I listen to Cardi B and still remake music videos in my head when I hear music that 'BANGS', so if you can't relate to one aspect of my personality, you'll likely relate to the other- LOL. 


Saphron London represents my passion for style and interiors, combined with my many experiences in life, and my crazy personality.  I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I've enjoyed creating it.



For those of you who have no background on me or my journey in getting my blog launched, I've been waiting for this day for a very long time. I began blogging in 2012 when I really felt that I lacked a voice in my surroundings, and needed a space to be able to clear my thoughts and align myself properly. My old blog was very mundane and boring (aka BASIC)...think generic lifestyle blog with no direction; but when I look back now it definitely played a huge part in getting me to this wonderful point in my life. I stopped blogging around a year later, and abandoned my blog totally; which, by the way, really pains me considering the effort I put into the planning and then creating each post. It's fine- it has prepared me for this new endeavour of mine!

Years later, and having had a new beginning in my life and a surge of love and positivity, I've reunited with one of my many passions that I had neglected when going through a stagnant period in my life; INTERIORS. I'd known for a long time that this was something I was more than just 'into'. It occurred to me way too often that whilst many of my friends found their hearts desires focused on makeup, or fitness , mine had always been homewares, and now extending to design. Shoes and makeup are definitely a little love of mine, but they will never compare to the feeling I have when I hang a new pair of curtains in my home; or choosing a colour scheme or design for a kitchen.  It was after that realisation, that I gave birth to the idea of pursuing some form activity within the design & interiors sphere... and here I am.




Awesome question. Many of you who already follow me on social media have had a mini insight into the types of interior styles I am into, the kind of content that I like to post and probably a glimpse into the many aspects of my personalities via my stories on Instagram.

What you probably don't know is that me having my own website means that the possibilities are endless- and now that I can keep everything in one place- my creativity is exasperated x10000. Just in case you're wondering, I will of course continue to post to my social media; my posts will most certainly be a mixture of interiors inspiration, a snapshot of the things I've been talking about here on the blog, and of course continued pouty selfies that I know you all just adore- LOL (or maybe just me). 

Aside all of that, I am continually looking for ways to deliver content in a more creative way, so I am looking forward to you all being able to watch, read, and create as my blog evolves. On top of design and interior posts, you can expect the following:

  • DIY posts and how to videos

  • Product reviews/ recommendations

  • Design/ style consultations (in person or online)

  • Social media giveaways (coming soon)

  • Blogger/ enthusiast Meetups

  • Premium courses and resources across various lifestyle topics

And if that doesn't entice you enough, I have a full list of my offer that you are more welcome to ask me about.

Right, then. I don't want to ramble on, because I know you guy probably just want to get to the good stuff, but I just want to take a moment to let you know that if you love my stuff, I definitely want to be friends. Talk to me! This blog is my outlet for all of the creative things I love, but I'm also doing this for you. I want to connect with new people who share the same passion, especially those of you who just get me and my vibe and are down with my weirdness.




If I could sum up my dreams and ambitions for my blog, it would be for it to continue to serve the DIY, Interiors and lifestyle communities, but with increased growth, creativity and innovation at all times.

My next adventures will involve helping you all to design and style your own homes, or just space in general. Much of what you will see on my blog will likely serve as insipiration for those of you who are already into interiors and have a good eye for aesthetics. For anyone who needs a little more help in this area, I am currently working on a course that will help you with this exact thing. EXCITEMENT!

Also, I have 'design wanderlust' syndrome, which is a form of real craving to travel the world to explore new design concepts, architecture, interiors and culture. My journey in the next 5 years will bring this wanderlust to life and, of course, who else would I want to share it with than my dedicated readers? Definitely more coming soon in this arena. 

In terms of immediate next steps, I'm thinking of filming a get to know me video for those of you who'd like to watch. Would you be up for this? You can click here to let me know what you'd like to know; just mention that it's for the GTKM video and I'll include it (anonymised of course).

Ciao, for now boo thangs.