I don't normally post about my outfits of the day (ootd), but it was my day off on Tuesday and I pulled an oldie (but goodie) out of the closet and felt like I was working it. 

If you followed my previous blog a few years ago. you may know that I am obsessed with creating, finding and helping not only myself, but others who are also curvy petite, to look and feel their best. 

I have always been a fuller figured woman and I can finally say that at 27 years old, I am so happy and comfortable with that. Don't get me wrong, there have been times where I'd begged God to be a 'slimmaz' and for washboard abs...but, those times couldn't be further away.

Instead, I like to focus on working with what I have because my body is so shapely and beautiful and I really do love it. Don't get it twisted, I am still on a journey to lose a lot of the fat I hold on my body, but my shape; nah- that's perfect.

This OOTD features a cute little monochrome dress that I bought from Asos around this time last year. Since I last wore this dress (May 16) I've lost a little weight, so the fit is definitely looser than before, and it's also much longer on me than I remember. 

 Finessin' my new crushed velvet kylie minogue curtains...I don't look awkward at all!

Finessin' my new crushed velvet kylie minogue curtains...I don't look awkward at all!

Dresses like this are really flattering for the curvy petite frame because it draws you in at the waist and really accentuates the best parts of your body. The striped design is also complementary of any figure since it is in the diagonal form and doesn't make you look wider than you are like the horizontal pattern can.

Personally, I think this look goes great with a pair of suede heeled chelsea boots and a red lip; although I've opted for nude since I was going for daytime feels. 

STYLE Details below:

Brand: ASOS
Size: 14 (I am now a small 12 and it is loose so bear that in mind if you want to purchase)
Colour: Black & White (although can appear as navy in certain lighting)
Makeup: Smoke eyes and red lip, or soft grey eyes and nude lips.
Hair: An up-do will bring this out more than having your hair out.
Looks good with: Longline coat, patent black bag and a statement necklace.