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I've been meaning to write this post for a while because I attended an event with Farrow and Ball's amazing colour consultant, Joa Studholme, who shared some amazing tips around interior decorating and I obvs wanted to share her pearls of wisdom with you all.

Can I just say, that I was really excited about visiting at their flagship HQ in Angel. It was my birthday week and I'd booked time off so that I could attend and I was so impressed to see their amazing products in person. 

A glimpse of the HQ in Angel featuring this gorgeous velvet corner suite.

A glimpse of the HQ in Angel featuring this gorgeous velvet corner suite. showroom

The showroom was laid out perfectly and what I found really helpful were the design cards and fabric swatches that customers are able to help themselves to. If you're like me and sometimes make interior choices based on impulse, this place will help you loads. Not only does it provide the resources you need to take away to make an informed decision about what you want, but DAMN, there are unlimited possibilities and the inspo around the space is crazy!

The wall of colour, fabric and design inspiration. 

The wall of colour, fabric and design inspiration. 

Product info design cards are available for you to takeaway to get planning with your decor pojects.

Product info design cards are available for you to takeaway to get planning with your decor pojects.

So in case some of you don't know, Joa is one of the colour experts at Farrow & Ball and is bursting with cool tips and advice around decorating a space. I was lucky enough to have a chat with Joa before the event started and she is so lovely and has a real creative presence.  

Colour Consultant Joa Studholme. Image via Evening Standard

Colour Consultant Joa Studholme. Image via Evening Standard

As I'm still a newbie when it comes to interior decoration I found this really helpful; so for any beginners out there looking for some advice around colour and lighting, decorating small spaces or just some new tips in general, read on. 


1. Lighting should be a big factor in helping you choose a colour palette

When you're excited to decorate a new space it's easy to overlook the things that should be given some real thought. For example, when I moved into my first flat I remember not even thinking about colour, lighting, which direction a room faces, what elements are in the room etc. But now I realise how much these little details can actually influence your mood when in a particular space.

Joa talked us through the various considerations you should make when choosing your colour palette, particularly in terms of lighting. I hadn't thought about this much before, but of course shades of colour will change depending on whether it is day time (i.e loads of natural lighting), and night time, and therefore having to compensate with artificial lighting. It really made me think about the colour scheme (brown and creams) I used in my first place and how it really made me feel cosy at times, but quite depressed at other times. I remember absolutely loving the look and feel of my place in the evenings, when I was able to accent the room with accessories and scents to make it feel warm and cosy; but when it came to day time, I actually couldn't bear to stay in the house because it just made me feel not OK.

Lighting is also an important factor when considering how to create more light in smaller spaces or trying to make spaces appear bigger. Joa  mentioned that dark colours are often overlooked when decorating a small space as some people are under the illusion that it would make rooms appear a lot smaller than they are, when in actual fact, darker colours can blur the boundaries and have quite the opposite effect.

Another tip Joa gave us was to use card for colour swatches and then observe the colours in the day and in night since colours often change in light conditions.


Image via Farrow & Ball

Image via Farrow & Ball

2. If you're new or afraid to introduce colour to your home, keep it low; i.e. floors, bath panels etc

This one's pretty self explanatory but great advice for anyone who may not have experience with adding colour to a space. Joa highlighted the various ways of introducing colour that won't seem daunting. By adding colour to the floors, or low on walls as accents, it still allows you to stick with clean, neutral tones in the higher regions of space if you'd like to.

3. Put bits of card or swatches into shelves/ cupboards to get a feel for how things will look before making a commitment.

Have you ever taken the plunge with decorating something? Because you just know that your kitchen cupboards will look great painted hot pink right? And then, a day later, after all your hard work, you suddenly think 'shit, that looks fxcking awful'? Yep. been there!

I have to say, I used to make decisions on impulse all the time and I am so glad that I seem to have moved away from this type of behaviour. If you also jump the gun sometimes and just throw yourself into things, then this tip will work great for you. Atleast if after a few days you're totally over the designs on the card swatches, you can swap them out for new ones until you find the ones that you really love, and then make that permanent change. 

4.Wallpaper on ceilings is a thing!

Surprisingly, wallpapering a ceiling has NEVER crossed my mind, but as soon as Joa mentioned it I was like FXCK yes! Like, I literally felt my mind expand in that moment; it was a light bulb moment fo' sho. 


Image via

Image via

5. Paint a door and the frame the same colour to make it appear larger

So this is probably one of my fave tips because I've lived in properties with really narrow doors before and I know how transformative this can be. If you're having the same problem, try the same colour for both the frame and the door. You will be amazed at the results! P.s this works particularly well for the front door.

If you found these tips useful and would like to hear more, I'd definately recommend buying Joa's book; How to Decorate.

How to decorate; Joa Studholme and Charlotte Cosby

How to decorate; Joa Studholme and Charlotte Cosby

What do you think guys? Have you learned anything new? I'd love to hear about your next design projects so let me know what you're working on and we can have a liddle gossip! 

Ciao for now.